We’re Talking Two Days & My Own Domain


Soon the day of arrival is here . . . In two days I’ll be leaving all alone from home and travel to Los Angeles. My feelings are rushing just thinking about it now. I’m arriving the 23rd July and I’m going to stay in Lomita. I got my host family two weeks ago, and I’m beyond words excited about meeting them.

I’m planning on keeping all of you updated throughout my journey, but I’m not going to have a too strict publishing plan. I’m going to manage at least once a week where I’ll have a post that I’m writing on through out the week.


I’ve rewarded myself with a early birthday present. 😀 If you go and check out the address line in your web browser you see that there’s no more “wordpress.com” I got my own Domain 😀 Super Happy! I finally own this site, it’s mine ❤

Well, Good to be back, but now I have to sleep because I have a dentist appointment tomorrow at 12. 

~ Sindre E

Exercise & Goals . . . Sleeping Well


Part #4 . . . This is the last post on this category, there will be a last one though with my goals. This one is on sleeping, sleeping is the best and the worst thing a human has to do. It’s so annoying to be sleepy all day, and so good being fully rested. 


There are many benefits due to sleeping correctly, and besides being rested… It has health benefits. First of all; sleep makes you feel so much better, and you feel energized. It’s said that you will improve your memory, live longer, improve your grades, spur creativity, less stress level, improve concentration and avoid depression. All of these and more is benefits that comes with being rested.


When we focus on the health benefits of sleeping combined with training we see a huge difference from people who sleep 8 to 10 hours each night, to those who only sleep 6 and less. University of Chicago found out that people who slept well lost more fat combined with a diet (56% of their weight loss), while the others who did not sleep much actually lost more muscle mass. Another ting they figured out was that those who got less sleep felt way more hungry than those who slept.

I tend to sleep a lot when it’s weekend, but surely have to admit I’m bad at sleeping in the weekdays. 😀 I really try to go to bed early, but there’s only so many hours a day and way to much things that I feel like I have to do. For instance now; It’s 11:58 PM and I should’ve been in bed one and a half hour ago! 😮 Yup that’s me, but I swear that I’ll improve myself! 😀


What’s your sleeping habits? Do you like these posts, and are there anything more you’d like me to cover after these series of posts? 😀

~ Sindre & A Little Help from Health!

Busy Life, Busy Week!

This week has been a tiny break from the blog, but not my life. There’s been a lot at school with five tests, and they all went really good I suppose. I’ve also tried working out as much as I could. I went to the gym on Monday and whole four hours on Thursday, and I’m proud of that accomplishment.

69_largeOn tuesday I went to a small info meeting with EF, which was really fun and informational. I got more information regarding my choice of studies and I still feel that it’s the right studies for me. Today it’s actually 140 days away until I leave for Los Angeles. I will later write a post about the things that I hope to get to do while I’m in LA.

I also got to experience the best neck-head-back-arms massage in my life. I got to talk to such an inspiring person that made me realize a couple of really great things. Things like dreams, future and growing up.


This weekend have been mostly about just relaxing, because this is the first weekend in a long time I haven’t been booked. It’s really great, but I feel really tired all the time and yawn a lot. 🙂 Today I went to town to meet a friend I haven’t spent much time with. We went to a café just to relax and talk. It was fun being with her for a couple of hours. She’s such an  interesting person. She’s actually a writer, and I’m excited to read one of her books in the future. 😉

Tomorrow I’m planning a ski trip with my grandparents. It’s such a long time since I went skiing, and I think It’ll be good with some exercise on a sunday instead of just being lazy.

Hope you’ve had a nice weekend. Tell me a little bit about it! 🙂 <(“)

~ Sindre