Announcement To Come!

Hello and my appolgizes! Let’s just say it as easy as it is! I’ve been sick and busy and setteling into everything back home 🙂 and missing LA a whole lot! But I’m gonna be short in this post because it’s late and I’m tired!


Announcement date is set to October 1st, 2013! I’m excited to reveal this to you so I hope you’ll be looking out for the announcement on either Instagram (Repitsu) or facebook, twitter (@Repitsu) or here on the blog! 😀 ❤

Good Night,

~Sindre E


Dance, Sing & Live


I left last post really on edge, but do know that everything is fine now. I showed it to her and we’ve gotten really close again 😀

I’ve been busy since easter with school, it takes a lot of time to fully focus on school, blogging, training and as well live a life. I’m starting to managing it pretty well. I’m getting there 😀 I called this post Dance, Sing & Live because that’s been my past one and a half week. The finishing exams for this year is coming and I’m having a dance and drama exam this Thursday and Friday. On Monday I have my vocal exam and it’s my first one so I’m super excited. 😀

Therefore it will be a little while before I blog again. I promise that I’ll finally take that training post on Tuesday or this weekend 😀

Have A Nice Weekend 😀

~Sindre E