We’re Talking Two Days & My Own Domain


Soon the day of arrival is here . . . In two days I’ll be leaving all alone from home and travel to Los Angeles. My feelings are rushing just thinking about it now. I’m arriving the 23rd July and I’m going to stay in Lomita. I got my host family two weeks ago, and I’m beyond words excited about meeting them.

I’m planning on keeping all of you updated throughout my journey, but I’m not going to have a too strict publishing plan. I’m going to manage at least once a week where I’ll have a post that I’m writing on through out the week.


I’ve rewarded myself with a early birthday present. 😀 If you go and check out the address line in your web browser you see that there’s no more “wordpress.com” I got my own Domain 😀 Super Happy! I finally own this site, it’s mine ❤

Well, Good to be back, but now I have to sleep because I have a dentist appointment tomorrow at 12. 

~ Sindre E

Sickness & Reading . . .


It’s happy but sickness friday. Yes I’ve catched a cold or something, because my throat was killing me yesterday, and today I’ve gotten the headache so It’s been Friday a.k.a. relaxing day. It’s been a really good day actually. There have been some family troubles, because my brother have had some problems. It’s all okay now, but i’m a bit shocked still.


I’ve spent my day mostly on my computer, but I started a new book today even though I’m currently reading two other books and have a small amount on wait. I have what I call a Unsecure Reading period. It’s the time when I just can’t stick to one book, and always feel like starting a new book… haha 😀

11235712_largeThe book I started reading many of you have probably heard of. It’s called Cinder” by Marissa MeyerSo far the book is amazing, really amazing. It’s about this girl called Cinder who’s a cyborg. The story is based around the story of Cinderella, but it’s a completely different story. The story happens in New Beijing, and Cinder has a beautiful, but threatening future ahead of her. Love it!

I went for some researching on Marissa Meyer’s blog, and she stated that she’s finished “Cess” which is the third book in The Lunar Chronicle. She said that ARC’s would be ready in June, and she also addressed an e-mail to her editor who delivers these ARCs… Use a few seconds to think of what I did 🙂 I actually wrote a mail to her publishing asking for an ARC to review. I wrote a nice mail about my blogging story, and how I rate and just introduced myself. I really hope that I’m one who get chosen to read and review that ARC 😀


I’ve actually received ARC’s before from NetGalley, most of them in eBook format, but I didn’t have my Kindle then. I’ve also received one in paperback format. This is actually my second time requesting in person by e-mail, but this is the first one I’m actually super excited for and I have all my fingers and toes crossed. I’ll keep all of you updated if I get an answer 😀

Well this was basically my day, now before I go to sleep I’ll continue on reading Cinder. 😀

What are your Weekend plans? Have you ever requested any books/ARC’s before? What are you reading at the moment?

Good Night VitreousLifers, 😉

~ Sindre

“Making My Entrance Again With My Usual Flair”

The title says it all! It’s actually an excerpt from the song Send In The Clowns” from the musical A Little Night Music. The song is written by Stephen Sondheim and was actually the song I preformed on my singing mid-term. 


I’ve been gone for a little while, but sometimes I suppose school has to come first in line. The future lays after all in the hands of the education. 😀 Okay, over to how it went. The dance and drama mid-term went a lot better than I first thought. When I got out after doing my solo and the drama teachers face was like.


Okay! Please send in next one!

It was exactly at that moment I thought . . . Okay! I’m going to hell and I’m failing! I actually got a B (5) on my solo and the same grade on my group work… I just went jumping like a crazy person!


Then on Monday I had my first singing mid-term and let’s just say that I got really disappointed 😦 I was a bit unhappy with the song I had to sing, but felt like it was going great and that I might do good on this mid-term. I went in and sang and I really looked like a ghost. I was really pale, and I felt it went well because … when I left the teacher smiled really huge smile and I thought to myself. Well, probably this went really well… 😀 Then when I got back in after a long time waiting I got my grade and I was like…


I got D+ (3+). I was really disappointed in myself . . . I thought I was better than that. Well well. Next time I tell you… Next time 😀

Change Of Subject… Besides school I’ve been working out (work out post coming hopefully tomorrow) and there have been friends and just normal stuff to get rid of all stress. I’m having a science test on Friday so I have been working on that as well 😀

Well Well… See ya later Ali . . . wait for it . . . gator!

Hugs from me!
~ Sindre

You Haven’t Lost Me!

Sorry sweeties, but I haven’t forgot you and I never would! I’ve been having a lot to do this week, and now I’m mostly ready for bed! I can’t wait for it to be weekend, because then I’ll have the time to breath and relax! ❤

20130201-122249 AM.jpg
Today have been a mostly good day. It started out with a movie in English class, and then followed with Spanish, and a math test that went really well. 🙂 Singing class was okay, but had it’s flaws. After school I was really exhausted and thought about not going to the gym, but I went and I’m really happy that I did 😀

I went with my best friend Thea and we first did 45 minutes of Kettle Bells, and holy cow how hard that was! We afterwards did some weight lifting and then went for our second “class”, Body Balance. It felt so good, but it was painful given in mind that we had a hard exercise of KBs 😉

That’s mostly what I’ve been doing today. 🙂 Tomorrow (friday) I will write a week summary and follow on with some posts that’s behind schedule!

Hope you’ve had a great day, tell me about it! 😉

Sleep Tight! 🙂 Talk to you sweet ones tomorrow!

Les Misérables


Terning #5

One of world’s biggest musicals have been adapted into a movie, that I personally would recommend everyone seeing. Because It’s such a beautiful experience you don’t often find in cinemas.

Let’s start off with the actors… They all we’re beautifully portrayed, and I’m still amazed about Anne Hathaway‘s performance in this movie. She sang so beautiful and I have no clue how she manage what she manages. I’m also surprised that Hugh Jackman could sing as well. When I think of him, I think muscles and Wolverine. I loved the romance between Amanda Seyfried and Eddie Reymayne. Though I think that Cosette was a little bit of a boring character in the movie. I really liked Éponine that was portrayed by Samantha Barks. She was such a devastatingly beautiful character that you first hate, but then learn to love! I was a bit disappointed of the performance of Russel Crowe, because he didn’t sing that well.

The whole musical to movie thing is really amazing because you can capture so much more into the screen than what you can on a scene. Every moment caught me, and made me fascinated, but just to have it said… This is a very long movie (3 hours), and I do get that is a really long time, but it’s worth it. I would probably say that this movie is for specially interested people.

The movie itself had a beautiful storyline that intrigued me, and kept me longing for more. This movie is really miserable I tried to fight the tears, but it was impossible. It had many scenes that was way too moving. The storyline characters Jean Valjean, Cosette, Marcus, Fantine and so on… were really believable. 

I can’t say much more then that you really really shouldn’t miss this movie at all!