Reflecting Thoughts…

Thoughts… We all have them. Lately I’ve had a lot of them; dreams, hopes, reflections and memories, they’re all the emotional reality. For some reasons I’ve been reflecting a lot lately, on dreams and the future. What god has for me, my purpose here on earth. There is all these bricks of a puzzle that I’m trying to figure out… but it takes time.


I don’t know… I think letting the mind run its course is the best way of figuring out of things. I don’t like times like these, where I start thinking every spare moment of the day. It’s good for me… I know that, but still it’s hard dealing with everything at once. So many thoughts to sort out and put to rest.

What really is the purpose for me here on earth… What was I born to be, born to do? I guess time will show… but I want some sort of sign or hint… something to help me in the direction I’m meant to go. I know what I love doing… what I would like my passion to be, but the questions still stands. Am I good enough… will it ever be good enough?


Questions… Clueless questions. How would I know the answer to them. I should start focusing on what I want to pursue and achieve. I know deep within that nothing is achievable without hard work and focus. It’s interesting to look back in time… Remembering the past, and how clueless one could be. How much I did and all the things I could’ve done. This is probably what they meant when they told you “You’ll grow up one day, and you’ll see…”. I’m still far from grown up, I’m just seventeen and I have at least ten more years until I can start considering myself an adult.


When I look at this picture of me from a little bit of a month ago I realize how quickly I change. How quickly people change. I don’t remember that boy in that picture… That picture is a collision, loss and revelation ago. People might not believe me, but after two months of living in LA you learn a lot. I didn’t expect this or that… I really did not expect this much to happen in eight weeks. Thinking of it; eight weeks is not a long time, but looking back… It’s a really long time.

I love writing like this… Freely, and utterly open. Letting thoughts flow by writing it down. Reflect on things by writing it down. Even though I’m not addressing everything, I’m still able to reflect in my head. Letting new positive things flow through instead.  I live, I learn and I survive and succeed.

~ S E

Only Know You’ve Been High When You’re Feeling Low…

I’m drifting off . . . but not completely! There’s so much I want to do, but I really have kick myself to get to doing it. I suppose I’ll get better with the time to come. Anyways, I’ll get into todays big happening.


Have you ever experienced the feeling of feeling old feelings, if that made sense. Today I did. I went to a leisure center a local one, because a girl from my class were going to preform, and she asked me if I wanted to go and watch. I said yes, not clearly thinking that much of my past. I really wanted to and she was great! She’s talented as hell 😀

My past is pretty much me being bullied for several years and so on, just old memories. I’ve been struggling with anxiety and a bit of eating disorder (I’m well now…). When I got there I realized that this is where they hang, I’ve been avoiding this for a long time and when I saw them. I panicked… All previous feeling returned all at once and I … It flipped.


In these moments it’s good to have friends… I swear if it hadn’t been for her I’d probably faint 😀 ❤ It’s also in these moments that I get to reflect on how much I’ve changed since that, and how much stronger I’ve become. It’s also in these moment’s that quotes, and inspiring people makes the difference… One day… I tell you one day!


I still have my dreams and goals… Future will arrive and I’ll take everything God has planned ahead of me with patience. I suppose karma has all jack asses addresses and karma has hell ahead of them!

Okay complete subject change! Before I ramble all sort of positive and motivational pictures I needed this day…

I’ll ask you to tell me about you…. I’d like to know who my readers are… tell me about yourself… and share your dreams… I wanna hear your dreams! 😀 

~ Sindre