Adventure In Oslo ~ Day Three

Day Three of Four. Waking up at Mia’s and more shopping, and Hotel Living…

IMG_8731 IMG_8726 IMG_8721

Mia’s cute cat and view ๐Ÿ˜€ We checked into the hotel after leaving Mia’s apartment… This is some pictures of our reaction.

IMG_8763 IMG_8766 IMG_8767 IMG_8768 IMG_8773

We figured out that the hotel had a swimming pool, gym and a sauna including breakfast and so on… ๐Ÿ˜€ We went on a look around and stopped when we saw the sight from the thirty something floor and we had a photo-shoot ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_8775 IMG_8778 IMG_8779 IMG_8781 IMG_8782 IMG_8786 IMG_8788 IMG_8789 IMG_8792 IMG_8794 IMG_8795 IMG_8798 IMG_8801 IMG_8803 IMG_8804 IMG_8805 IMG_8808 IMG_8811

Maaany pictures ๐Ÿ˜€ After the photo-shoot we went to meeting Thea’s oldest sister. She’s probably the nicest person I’ve ever met in my entire life. Full of energy and so inspiring.

IMG_8813 IMG_8814 IMG_8815 IMG_8816

After spending most of the day with her we went back to the hotel and went swimming before going to the cinema where we saw The Hangover 3 :D, and we also tried a spooky lift that had view all over Oslo ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_8822 IMG_8826


~ Sindre E

Adventure In Oslo ~ Day One

Once again… Long time,ย barley no see! Anyways, While I were gone I went to Oslo. There I went to the American Embassy to get my study visa; which I successfully got. My friend Thea and I decided to make it a weekend in Oslo, and yes… Now I’m sharing pictures with you! โค

1414_10200726639321699_642365864_n 601675_10200726264872338_2069995023_n


We went almost straight to Starbucks after landing in Oslo; and do you see the heart on my frappuccino… It was this girl sorta flirting with me… I’m the only one who got a heart! ๐Ÿ˜€



IMG_8667 IMG_8671 IMG_8674

That was me and Thea arriving in Oslo, where we’re meeting her friend Mia; who’s a really nice and awesome girl. We went straight to Egon and ate some jummy food ๐Ÿ˜€

IMG_8691 IMG_8692

After that; we went on a little sight-sing before meeting her really kind brother. We slept the night there.

PS! I’m dividing this post into four posts,ย because we were there for four days!

~ Sindre E

“When Everything Turns to Ashes”

I actually started believing that life wasn’t a huge nightmare. I actually believed everything would be better. That the better came, came to stay. I quickly realize that life never would be peaceful. That trust is a treasure you should hide deep within and forget that it’s even there. In a matter of seconds, what you once had is so lost in time, that’s when you understand that things burn… Only leaving regrets and ashes.


When I was left destroyed for the first time, I simply thought “Okay!” he’s a piece of s***! I got over it, but I never ever believed I’d ever be happy. Then at my worst states of being bullied I thought “I just should pretend to be happy, so nobody feel like they’re controlling me!” I knew that I wouldn’t ever have any real friends, I probably would turn to suicide! I got over it, met some new friends. All that pain and sorrow still lingering beneath my skin. The fire that burns from the insides and out.

For the first time in my life I was getting more and more happiness. More luck! I did begin summoning who I was, who I was meant to be. I got over the worst of bullying, people started respecting me somewhat. I worked my f****** ass of to get into the course I was meant to follow! The day I got into the school, and course of my dreams, I believed… “This is my good chance to be happy, meet people that doesn’t know me at all!” It was scary starting school. I met many wonderful people, they truly is the best people in the world!

Imageย I had met people like me, new cool people, people I still today adore to earth. I was a part of something, had nice people… with no intentions on hurting me. I was happy, and it was only going upwards. There was this day where I thought to myself that this is to good to be true! I were only waiting for something to go wrong…ย A little time went by. School was a nightmare, a living hell to start with… but I had helpful people who supported me. Who actually for once truly believed on me, gave me hope.

Then what I had been waiting on started. There was this mistake on a party right before Christmas. I had my friends with me through it, and everything went perfectly fine. Maybe not so much to the other half of that end, but that’s that persons own fault. The beautiful happiness came back, no worries we’re left.

I now felt the horrible feeling of hope, that just ended once more. A friend of mine ended her relationship with her boyfriend on horrible terms. He was more then heart broken. I didn’t know him that well, but he turned to me… and I told him that he could talk to me about everything… so that maybe his pain could pass away. When I met him on Monday I had to give him a hug saying everything will be fine in the end… he broke down I felt his sorrow. That day I talked with him letting him speak, get his feelings out. I felt that he needed that support.


My friend arrived at school later that day, and saw me and another friend talking with him, because he wanted to talk. That was taken wrong. She believes that we support him over her, breaking our loyalty towards her. Personally have I let so many details out of this, because that’s things I don’t share because I feel like I’m still her friend though she hates me. How is it possible to turn straight from best friends to total strangers. How is it possible to not give me or my other friend a chance to tell her the truth. We’ve tried our best to two days straight! We’ve truly not done anything wrong besides comforting her boyfriend who barley can keep it together.

Now I and the other friend are sad and mad at the same time. I have no idea to what, how, where I can go or be sociable. I …I’m empty and confused. I just wanna… I’m empty of everything called words…

I hope that I’m excused from correcting my writing… I can’t read through this… it’s too weird…

~Sindre E