Adventure In Oslo ~ Day Two

Day two of four. This day was mostly spent shopping, and I also went to the American Embassy this day, and it was a long line before I was let in. Inside I had a bit more of waiting; and I delivered all paperwork and passport. 


Waking up earlier than Thea and her brother was “fun” like always since I’m such a day person -.- but the view made everything better. Look at those buildings… Buildings in Bodø is so ugly compared to that!
After I had been at the embassy I met up with Thea and her brother and her brother took us to this american diner place named The Nighthawk Diner, and the food was awesome!! I ate Eggs Benedickt for breakfast… Just look How Yummy this looks! 😀


As mentioned in the beginning I said this was a shopping spree day. 🙂 We met up with Mia once again and went around Oslo‘s streets.

IMG_8699 IMG_8705 IMG_8708

We teenagers always love fooling around. Since Thea and I decided to make this trip our Photo Story Norwegian task we had to make clips and pictures so… Here’s a sneak peak 😉

IMG_2778 IMG_2788

This night we spent in front of the TV at Mia’s apartment. We watched Moulin Rouge and The Rock of Ages.

~ Sindre E

Exercise & Goals . . . Eating Healthy


Part #3 . . . Focusing on the whole deal of eating. There’s a bilion variants on what to eat and how to eat, there’s also a huge variety of diets. Everyday we see some sort of article or advertising on food, diets and what to eat and not to eat. It’s all very confusing to me and probably everyone else.


What’s really eating healthy? That’s probably the question many of us ask ourselves. There probably isn’t an answer that is a 100% correct. Eating Healthy is in theory eating what is good for your body. We all have heard the quote “You are what you eat” it’s actually true. If you eat unhealthy it’s gonna affect your body at the end of the day. It doesn’t mean that if you’re not fat, that you won’t ruin your body. The picture above explains it all, because it’s true. You have to think about what you put in your mouth, because it’s the food that you eat that is the tools that will build and maintain your body.


What to eat is probably the actual problem. You’ll need a combination of Carbs, Fats and Proteins at every meal. I don’t need to go in detail where you find these sources, but I’ll tell you this much that these help you keep a balanced blood level which also keep you energized and balanced all day. What not to eat is probably also an issue, but it’s pretty simple. Stay away from all sugar; it’s really really bad for you. Don’t eat fast foods at all; stay away from fried fatty foods. You can go on your lokal store and buy a salad instead of that Burger. There is also many points on dairy products as well, but believe me it’s a lot of healthier options out there. 😀

Another thing that is a common problem in today’s society is the over eating on carbs. Wheat, flour and grains is actually not that good for you. It’s not unhealthy, but did you know that our body had changed only 0,002% since Stone Age? They never ate flour, wheat and grain products like we do now. They didn’t have bread, wheat buns and bagels etc. Which actually means that our bodies aren’t used to eating that sort of foods. I actually doesn’t have to worry about that point, because I’m not receptive for that kind of food. I get a really bad stomach ache, but believe me… I eat that sort of products sometimes, because it’s so good 😀 Believe me donuts is tasty, and cake for that matter 😀


Here comes the last truth in this part. It’s all about mental strength, and its true. In the end it’s you who have to take the healthy choices. When you decide to give yourself a snack you in the end have to chose between how unhealthy it’s going to be 😀 For instance; it’s summer and hot outside, and you and your family is going out for ice cream. It’s not healthy of course, but then you have the option of choosing Frozen Yoghurt which actually is quite healthy if you decide on having a healthy topping like strawberries and blueberries. It’s all about the healthy decisions.

I’m personally trying to balance each meal with a high fat, high protein and low carb sorta deal. I don’t eat bread, but I do eat crisp-bread because it doesn’t contain too much flour. Crisp-bread is also filled with fiber which is extremely good for you. I also try to maintain a great deal of vegetables and fruits, and at last the most important part WATER. 😉 Of course I do eat unhealthy at times, but I try to avoid it as much as I can 😀

I’m excited to hear about your eating habits, if you have any diets or anything foodish to share 😀 

~ Sindre