We’re Talking Two Days & My Own Domain


Soon the day of arrival is here . . . In two days I’ll be leaving all alone from home and travel to Los Angeles. My feelings are rushing just thinking about it now. I’m arriving the 23rd July and I’m going to stay in Lomita. I got my host family two weeks ago, and I’m beyond words excited about meeting them.

I’m planning on keeping all of you updated throughout my journey, but I’m not going to have a too strict publishing plan. I’m going to manage at least once a week where I’ll have a post that I’m writing on through out the week.


I’ve rewarded myself with a early birthday present. 😀 If you go and check out the address line in your web browser you see that there’s no more “wordpress.com” I got my own Domain 😀 Super Happy! I finally own this site, it’s mine ❤

Well, Good to be back, but now I have to sleep because I have a dentist appointment tomorrow at 12. 

~ Sindre E

“Going To La-La-Land!”

My previous readers on my previous blog know that I gave up my high school year in New York. That is because I didn’t get my classes approved so I could go, and come back to my current course which is music for you people who don’t know me that well from before. For those who want’s to read my previous blog, just go to SecretPrivilege… 

I’ve had a few months where I have been sad, because it’s always been my dream to go out of Norway my second year of college. When I realized it wasn’t going to happen I felt really sad. Why didn’t you just go… and do general studies when I return? You might ask. Well it’s because it’s also been part of my dream to get into Music at my school here in Norway, and I totally did… and I truly don’t want to drop out! That’s when my dream showed up at my door. 🙂



I got a brochure from EF where they had Language Studies in the summer. It was then I realized how stupid I’d been for a while! I realized that I could go all summer so that it doesn’t inflict with school at all. So I applied right away, and guess what?… I got a phone call yesterday saying that I got in! I’m going to La-La Land! 



I’m so excited, and are looking forward to two whole months in Los Angeles! 😀 It came unexpected to me, and I really think that it was no coincident that I got that brochure in the mail…

Do you believe everything happens for a reason?