Les Misérables


Terning #5

One of world’s biggest musicals have been adapted into a movie, that I personally would recommend everyone seeing. Because It’s such a beautiful experience you don’t often find in cinemas.

Let’s start off with the actors… They all we’re beautifully portrayed, and I’m still amazed about Anne Hathaway‘s performance in this movie. She sang so beautiful and I have no clue how she manage what she manages. I’m also surprised that Hugh Jackman could sing as well. When I think of him, I think muscles and Wolverine. I loved the romance between Amanda Seyfried and Eddie Reymayne. Though I think that Cosette was a little bit of a boring character in the movie. I really liked Éponine that was portrayed by Samantha Barks. She was such a devastatingly beautiful character that you first hate, but then learn to love! I was a bit disappointed of the performance of Russel Crowe, because he didn’t sing that well.

The whole musical to movie thing is really amazing because you can capture so much more into the screen than what you can on a scene. Every moment caught me, and made me fascinated, but just to have it said… This is a very long movie (3 hours), and I do get that is a really long time, but it’s worth it. I would probably say that this movie is for specially interested people.

The movie itself had a beautiful storyline that intrigued me, and kept me longing for more. This movie is really miserable I tried to fight the tears, but it was impossible. It had many scenes that was way too moving. The storyline characters Jean Valjean, Cosette, Marcus, Fantine and so on… were really believable. 

I can’t say much more then that you really really shouldn’t miss this movie at all!