Reflecting Thoughts…

Thoughts… We all have them. Lately I’ve had a lot of them; dreams, hopes, reflections and memories, they’re all the emotional reality. For some reasons I’ve been reflecting a lot lately, on dreams and the future. What god has for me, my purpose here on earth. There is all these bricks of a puzzle that I’m trying to figure out… but it takes time.


I don’t know… I think letting the mind run its course is the best way of figuring out of things. I don’t like times like these, where I start thinking every spare moment of the day. It’s good for me… I know that, but still it’s hard dealing with everything at once. So many thoughts to sort out and put to rest.

What really is the purpose for me here on earth… What was I born to be, born to do? I guess time will show… but I want some sort of sign or hint… something to help me in the direction I’m meant to go. I know what I love doing… what I would like my passion to be, but the questions still stands. Am I good enough… will it ever be good enough?


Questions… Clueless questions. How would I know the answer to them. I should start focusing on what I want to pursue and achieve. I know deep within that nothing is achievable without hard work and focus. It’s interesting to look back in time… Remembering the past, and how clueless one could be. How much I did and all the things I could’ve done. This is probably what they meant when they told you “You’ll grow up one day, and you’ll see…”. I’m still far from grown up, I’m just seventeen and I have at least ten more years until I can start considering myself an adult.


When I look at this picture of me from a little bit of a month ago I realize how quickly I change. How quickly people change. I don’t remember that boy in that picture… That picture is a collision, loss and revelation ago. People might not believe me, but after two months of living in LA you learn a lot. I didn’t expect this or that… I really did not expect this much to happen in eight weeks. Thinking of it; eight weeks is not a long time, but looking back… It’s a really long time.

I love writing like this… Freely, and utterly open. Letting thoughts flow by writing it down. Reflect on things by writing it down. Even though I’m not addressing everything, I’m still able to reflect in my head. Letting new positive things flow through instead.  I live, I learn and I survive and succeed.

~ S E

Time Flies; One week left in LA

They always say that time flies when you’re having fun. I know now why that expression was made. I’ve been here in LA for 7 weeks now, and it’s only one week left. 😦


I know I were supposed to post weekly updates here on this blog, but to be honest; it hasn’t been possible. I’ve had the best summer of my life, and the most adventurous one as well… So I’ll probably have to write something when I get home, or while waiting on the plane home. I’m sorry…


I’m a crazy person… I have a little brown suitcase full of books… No joke! I’m bringing a suitcase with books on the plane. Haha… 😀 Important part… I’ve actually managed to have time for reading. I’ve so far read three books and I’m on my fourth book … The Great Gatsby :D…

Let’s call it a day 😀

How Has Your Summer been?

~ Sindre E

We’re Talking Two Days & My Own Domain


Soon the day of arrival is here . . . In two days I’ll be leaving all alone from home and travel to Los Angeles. My feelings are rushing just thinking about it now. I’m arriving the 23rd July and I’m going to stay in Lomita. I got my host family two weeks ago, and I’m beyond words excited about meeting them.

I’m planning on keeping all of you updated throughout my journey, but I’m not going to have a too strict publishing plan. I’m going to manage at least once a week where I’ll have a post that I’m writing on through out the week.


I’ve rewarded myself with a early birthday present. 😀 If you go and check out the address line in your web browser you see that there’s no more “” I got my own Domain 😀 Super Happy! I finally own this site, it’s mine ❤

Well, Good to be back, but now I have to sleep because I have a dentist appointment tomorrow at 12. 

~ Sindre E

Time Passes Quickly When You’re Having “FUN”


Time passes quickly when you’re having “fun” . . . If only that was the case. I’ve been away lately because of school and exams; so I had to do some prioritizing. Along with that I had to finish the last part of paperwork before I’m leaving for LA.


I’m soon leaving today it’s only 21 days left 😀 On Tuesday I’m going to Oslo for my interview at the american embassy. I’m super exited and scared as well 😀 It’s all these preparations before leaving. Well, soon I’m in the states 😀 Can’t wait!

~ Sindre

Getting Everything Back . . .


Yesterday I got my mac back, and it’s such a good feeling finally writing on it once again. It actually feels like forever ago that I had to send it to reparation. You actually figure out how attached you are to a certain things. Nowadays if you don’t have a computer, you might as well run for the grave, because everything you do… normally goes through your computer. I use my computer to everything, especially school. I suppose that was the hardest part of not having any computer to use, because I had a lot of assignments due in that period of time.

Now that I’ve got my computer back, it’s easier to start where I left off, and I do actually have a book review coming now. I actually got back to reading when I didn’t have my computer always taking my time. I’ve also been working out a lot, so I should actually get around to actually write that post. 😀


Summer is coming. I feel it coming slowly… I don’t know what your weather has been like where you are, but here it’s been snowing a lot. Today I actually feel like the summer is closing in because the sun is up, and the weather is finally running above minus-degrees Celsius. Another thing I feel is closing in is the date I leave for LA . . . It’s only 95 days 😀 ❤


Tell Me What More You’d Like Me To Write About?

~Sindre E

“It’s Not Much of A Life You’re Living”

Busy, busy, busy and busy… I can’t tell you how sorry I am, but time has slipped and I’ve forgotten all about my new blog! Silly me, only thinking of myself! 😦

So it’s only two days away from the premiere of Five Impossible Minutes, I’m so nervously happy and looking forward to it. It’s going well at this moment, and I feel like I’m not far from premiere ready. 😀


I’m working hard towards my summer body goal, and believe me… so far this journey has been hard, but good! I’m starting to see some results 😉 I’m saving the details for another post I talked about some blogposts back.

Today I went training, and I totally gave it all! I went with my friend Amanda, and we went on two group trainings, Shape & Core Bar. We’re both wrecked now! Can’t wait for tomorrow when I feel stiff and sore after a hard workout…

There’s been a lot at school after the vacation, there has already been two tests this first week, and the third one is tomorrow. Science is actually fun. I’ve learnt to like it, and my grades are going up… That’s really good considering that it’s a final subject at my school this year!


I’m so looking forward to summer! I’m going to LA in just three months and some days… I feel the excitement and fear coming! There’s so much I’m gonna do while I’m there! I’ve paid the for the school already, and I got my plane tickets booked last week!

Well that’s all I have to share for today… So what are your summer plans?

I’ve always known what I wanted to be, but not how that’ll be!

I can start of by saying that I hate telling people what I wanna be. It’s because I’m so afraid of disappointing people, and maybe mostly afraid of disappointing myself. I’ve actually known all my life what I wanted to do, but not quite in detail… if you know what I mean? I’ve known that It’d have something to do in the entertainment business. I wanna be an actor



I’ve had this ambition for a really long time, and people say that dreaming is healthy, but not always. For me it’s scary… terrifying in all ways, but still comforting. It’s what I wanna do, I’m inspired of people and personalities. I love digging deep and being someone else. Acting is my way of doing that… It’s my way of taking a break from reality. Feeling a characters pain is lovely, and when I’m assigned a role… I am that role until the role is closed and I’m done.  It’s weird being around me when I’m working, because I automatically become my character and do what my character would’ve done. (enough of that; I might make a post of funny incidents happening when I’m in role)

They say that if your dreams doesn’t scare you, they aren’t big enough”

I’m planning on moving to LA when I turn eighteen or nineteen. Don’t start judging me already… because I feel like that’s what I’m supposed to do. I don’t think that I’m better than anyone, or have a better chance than anyone. I’m only saying that it’s the right thing for me to do. I don’t know why, but my instincts tell me that. It’s what I have ahead of me. Of course I dream of making it in Hollywood, who doesn’t? I’m terrified to get my hopes up, and I believe that’s both important and good. People often tell me that I’m special and unusual compared to many others, but personally I don’t quite believe so though I feel different in many ways. 


Me as many others deal with insecurity, but of course it get’s better. I’m dealing with it as many others, but still it’s there. Am I pretty enough? Am I talented enough? Am I hot enough? Do people like me? Will I ever find my true love? These are some of the things I deal with. I personally don’t thing I own any beauty at all, but I still know I’m not pure ugliness either. I wanna feel admired like some of the other boys. I often think that since I’m not good or hot/pretty enough I’ll never make it serious within acting. Still I don’t want to give up on this dream. I know that this is what I wanna do… I seriously wanna be an actor...

ImageThe biggest reason that my dreams scares me is all the things that comes in between. Like how will I get an apartment there? How will I survive, get a job and money for rent? Will I ever find the courage to make it my all on auditions? Will I ever be casted? Will I ever find a talent managerIt’s all the pieces that’s needed for it to be fulfilled. I believe that I’ll make a living there somehow, but it’s too unpredictable to think that I can survive being an actor. 

Still I believe that dreams can come true no matter how hard it will be. As long as you work your hardest towards your goals, there’ll always be a light on the other end of the tunnel. I believe that I’ll make a living in LA, if not as an actor, it might be something else. I believe that this is the right path for me, and I promise I will work my fucking ass off to make as much as possible my reality! 😀

I wont call myself an actor before I’m there… I’ll always be an aspiring actor, and I’ll still keep my dream a little secret until I can prove that I’ve made it. I know the chances, and they also scare me, but I choose to not think about it, and just staying positive no matter what. 

What’s your dream, your plans and hopeful future?