Exercise & Goals . . . Sleeping Well


Part #4 . . . This is the last post on this category, there will be a last one though with my goals. This one is on sleeping, sleeping is the best and the worst thing a human has to do. It’s so annoying to be sleepy all day, and so good being fully rested. 


There are many benefits due to sleeping correctly, and besides being rested… It has health benefits. First of all; sleep makes you feel so much better, and you feel energized. It’s said that you will improve your memory, live longer, improve your grades, spur creativity, less stress level, improve concentration and avoid depression. All of these and more is benefits that comes with being rested.


When we focus on the health benefits of sleeping combined with training we see a huge difference from people who sleep 8 to 10 hours each night, to those who only sleep 6 and less. University of Chicago found out that people who slept well lost more fat combined with a diet (56% of their weight loss), while the others who did not sleep much actually lost more muscle mass. Another ting they figured out was that those who got less sleep felt way more hungry than those who slept.

I tend to sleep a lot when it’s weekend, but surely have to admit I’m bad at sleeping in the weekdays. 😀 I really try to go to bed early, but there’s only so many hours a day and way to much things that I feel like I have to do. For instance now; It’s 11:58 PM and I should’ve been in bed one and a half hour ago! 😮 Yup that’s me, but I swear that I’ll improve myself! 😀


What’s your sleeping habits? Do you like these posts, and are there anything more you’d like me to cover after these series of posts? 😀

~ Sindre & A Little Help from Health!

Exercise & Goals . . . Eating Healthy


Part #3 . . . Focusing on the whole deal of eating. There’s a bilion variants on what to eat and how to eat, there’s also a huge variety of diets. Everyday we see some sort of article or advertising on food, diets and what to eat and not to eat. It’s all very confusing to me and probably everyone else.


What’s really eating healthy? That’s probably the question many of us ask ourselves. There probably isn’t an answer that is a 100% correct. Eating Healthy is in theory eating what is good for your body. We all have heard the quote “You are what you eat” it’s actually true. If you eat unhealthy it’s gonna affect your body at the end of the day. It doesn’t mean that if you’re not fat, that you won’t ruin your body. The picture above explains it all, because it’s true. You have to think about what you put in your mouth, because it’s the food that you eat that is the tools that will build and maintain your body.


What to eat is probably the actual problem. You’ll need a combination of Carbs, Fats and Proteins at every meal. I don’t need to go in detail where you find these sources, but I’ll tell you this much that these help you keep a balanced blood level which also keep you energized and balanced all day. What not to eat is probably also an issue, but it’s pretty simple. Stay away from all sugar; it’s really really bad for you. Don’t eat fast foods at all; stay away from fried fatty foods. You can go on your lokal store and buy a salad instead of that Burger. There is also many points on dairy products as well, but believe me it’s a lot of healthier options out there. 😀

Another thing that is a common problem in today’s society is the over eating on carbs. Wheat, flour and grains is actually not that good for you. It’s not unhealthy, but did you know that our body had changed only 0,002% since Stone Age? They never ate flour, wheat and grain products like we do now. They didn’t have bread, wheat buns and bagels etc. Which actually means that our bodies aren’t used to eating that sort of foods. I actually doesn’t have to worry about that point, because I’m not receptive for that kind of food. I get a really bad stomach ache, but believe me… I eat that sort of products sometimes, because it’s so good 😀 Believe me donuts is tasty, and cake for that matter 😀


Here comes the last truth in this part. It’s all about mental strength, and its true. In the end it’s you who have to take the healthy choices. When you decide to give yourself a snack you in the end have to chose between how unhealthy it’s going to be 😀 For instance; it’s summer and hot outside, and you and your family is going out for ice cream. It’s not healthy of course, but then you have the option of choosing Frozen Yoghurt which actually is quite healthy if you decide on having a healthy topping like strawberries and blueberries. It’s all about the healthy decisions.

I’m personally trying to balance each meal with a high fat, high protein and low carb sorta deal. I don’t eat bread, but I do eat crisp-bread because it doesn’t contain too much flour. Crisp-bread is also filled with fiber which is extremely good for you. I also try to maintain a great deal of vegetables and fruits, and at last the most important part WATER. 😉 Of course I do eat unhealthy at times, but I try to avoid it as much as I can 😀

I’m excited to hear about your eating habits, if you have any diets or anything foodish to share 😀 

~ Sindre

Exercise & Goals . . . Working Out


Part #2 . . . Majoring on Working Out! Super excited on what your working out plans are. Your preferences, and your goals on being active and working out. At least here’s mine 😀


I truly believe first of all that you gotta work really hard for what you want. That’s also meant in terms of training. You can’t go all easy and think you’ll get your results just like that. Training is painful, and of course not always fun. I love working out, but there are also times when I’d rather go to bed and stay there. 😀 When you work out you gotta give it your all, push your boundaries and just train so hard that you know you’ll feel sore tomorrow.

Of course not everything is for everyone. You have to find something you like doing, something you feel confident doing. Keep in mind this; I hate when people isn’t open to trying new things at least within training . . . I advice everyone to keep an open mind, because you’re just ruining it for yourself. I actually have an example; my friend Hanna hates dancing, she feel’s terrible about dancing, because quotation “I can’t dance”. She actually refuses to try Sh’bam or Zumba for that matter. In the beginning I also felt like that, but I tried it and loved it . . . Now I’m doing Sh’bam every Monday… It’s been my anual cardio exercise for weeks now.

Just to clear somethings due to the fact that I said that you have to work out until you’re gonna feel really sore. That doesn’t mean you’re gonna work out more or do the same muscles every time. You’re muscles need rest, and when working out certain muscles, they need a regeneration time of about 24 – hours. Another thing is that… It’s enough with 3-4 work outs a week. When I say work outs I mostly refere to strength training, because you can do cardio, or just go for a run almost anytime. At least as summer comes along, the feeling of running in the sun is basically like an orgasm 😀


Finishing up this part I’ll share my working out preferences. I have a routine on when I work out each week and there’s no slacking. I have gotten a lot of help from a friend; Lasse who is studying sport. You never say no to a personal trainer, hehe 😀 He’s pushing me a lot and I like that, because you provide so much more when you’re under pressure.


MONDAY: Sh’bam & BodyBalance (mix of. TaiChi, Yoga, Strength and Pilates)

TUESDAY: Strength training w/Lasse

SATURDAY: Cardio/Strenght w/Lasse

This plan works perfectly for me and my preferences. I really love running, and actually dancing too (who would’ve guessed) and this work out plan is a mixture of that. On Monday I get to dance and improve my balance and strength. On Tuesday I get pure strength training and at last on Saturday I get a majored training on cardio and endurance, and a little bit of strength as well. Aside from the work out plan, I have dancing on friday at school, and I also have a really active life already. I also walk a lot, take the stairs instead of the elevator and take small decisions that makes the day more solid and active. That last pointer is something everybody could do just to get started on an active lifestyle. 😀

Wow… Now I’ve finished part #2 and this part is a part I’m actually really happy with. Do share your thoughts and your workout plans and everything that has something with exercise and working out to do! 😀

Enjoy This Beautiful Week! ❤
~ Sindre

Exercise & Goals . . . Drinking Water 

Here’s the long planned and hopefully awaited post that I were supposed to write a long time ago. Here it is, and I truly hope you like it, and maybe want to share your own experiences  goals or achievements.


The picture above describes mostly what I’m working on. I know and believe that to get a better body, you’ll need a healthy body. No matter how much you work out, you won’t get the results you want if you don’t have the basic element to do so. As stated on the picture above; Drink a lot of water, work out, eat healthy and get lots of sleep (8-10 hours).


Water cleanses the system, our bodies is 70% water and water is also the source to get the body going. Did you know that when you drink cold water, you burn calories as the body reduces the cold water to body temperatureThere really isn’t much to say about water besides that it can be clever to drink about a gallon (3,7 L) of water every day. That do sound extreme, but that’s needed. The bad thing with water is that you’ll be going a lot to the toilet, because water just run straight through your body.

That’ll be part one of this Exercise & Goals post…. 😀 I’ll be posting about four more parts in the next four days to come, so stay tuned! 😀

~ Sindre

Getting Everything Back . . .


Yesterday I got my mac back, and it’s such a good feeling finally writing on it once again. It actually feels like forever ago that I had to send it to reparation. You actually figure out how attached you are to a certain things. Nowadays if you don’t have a computer, you might as well run for the grave, because everything you do… normally goes through your computer. I use my computer to everything, especially school. I suppose that was the hardest part of not having any computer to use, because I had a lot of assignments due in that period of time.

Now that I’ve got my computer back, it’s easier to start where I left off, and I do actually have a book review coming now. I actually got back to reading when I didn’t have my computer always taking my time. I’ve also been working out a lot, so I should actually get around to actually write that post. 😀


Summer is coming. I feel it coming slowly… I don’t know what your weather has been like where you are, but here it’s been snowing a lot. Today I actually feel like the summer is closing in because the sun is up, and the weather is finally running above minus-degrees Celsius. Another thing I feel is closing in is the date I leave for LA . . . It’s only 95 days 😀 ❤


Tell Me What More You’d Like Me To Write About?

~Sindre E

The Week Of Hell…

This week has been a very bad week… One thing led to another, and when one thing got wrong everything went along. I have finally, hopefully gotten my luck back. Let’s just hope so.


I can kick off by saying that the preformance with Five Impossible Minutes went really really well. I got many good feedbacks, and that’s always fun. That’s when I feel like I’ve done a great job. 🙂

I decided to take a day off on Monday, because I was really exhausted, and had been sick all weekend. I got a little bit better, and was ready to go to school the next day. We were going to have two tests one in English (where we had gotten all the pages we were supposed to read, and I did), and one in science that was exposed from last friday to this tuesday. When I were going to go on my mac it decided to click, and start erroring. Which meant that I had to get to my Apple Retail Store to get it fixed.

When I got to the first test in english, the questions we’re so open that I found it extremely hard to answer. There were two questions I couldn’t answer at all. It makes me really mad that a class that is all about language, has tests about facts. How is the democracy in England, and how does the UK work within politics and other incredibly impossible facts I can’t learn in one day! The science test went well, the only down side thing is that we were supposed to have an ItsLearning test (somewhat easy test), but the internet was down so we got a written test which is more difficult test. I got my Mac delivered at the Apple Store, but sadly he had to have it so he could try more the next day.

Wednesday came, and I got a day off from the theater. I got time to exercise and do things I normally don’t have time for. I felt changes in my friend that I talked about earlier in some posts. She’s changed, but I’m not yet sure if it’s in a good way or a bad way 😦 All I know is that she has replaced me with everyone else, and still she spends some time with me… I’ll just let time show what god has planned within that part of my life.


That day was the last rehearsal day for my ensamble group before we were going to preform at our houseconcert. It went well, but I hadn’t managed to learn the lyrics. Another Mac update. They weren’t able to fix it, but they think that it’s the harddisk that has failed, and I need to send it away for a month to get it fixed… FUCK…

I’m really happy that I got the oportunity to get all my pictures which is every event from two years back… Which would be tragic if I lost them.

Thursday, Freaking out day… It’s the day that I got to preform with my ensamble group… Nervous… During my spanish class, which is getting better I understood that I were having a paper due to next tuesday. I have no computer available, and have exams coming next month and so on… I dialed Apple Store, asking if they lended any macs for me during repairing time. They had, but sadly they didnt have any avaivable at the moment. It’s so typical right? But he was nice and told me that I would get the next one that becomes available.

After school my grandparent kindly bought me an extern harddisk where I could restore my pictures, and it was really pricy. I really don’t know what I’d do without them. I basicly owe them my life.


Later that evening the concert took place, and I had to sing two songs. It went well, not the best I’ve done, but it’s ok. I got to hear many awesome songs that made me thankfull for studying with these people.

On Friday, school went well. Besides that I was a bit exhausted from everything this week. After school I had a zumba lesson at my local Gym, I were supposed to go with that friend. But she fell asleep so she couldn’t make it. I went home to start spending my relaxing weekend. Since that I’ve been lucky enough to not have anything cray cray happen.

There have of course been good parts of this week. For instance I’m getting my harddisk for my mac for free, because I have insurance. 😀

This will be the end of my complaining 😀 Now I’m off to being my happy self 😀

I actually is using my mothers work computer now so I can do this and my homework. 🙂 Once again OHANA! What would I do without it!


“It’s Not Much of A Life You’re Living”

Busy, busy, busy and busy… I can’t tell you how sorry I am, but time has slipped and I’ve forgotten all about my new blog! Silly me, only thinking of myself! 😦

So it’s only two days away from the premiere of Five Impossible Minutes, I’m so nervously happy and looking forward to it. It’s going well at this moment, and I feel like I’m not far from premiere ready. 😀


I’m working hard towards my summer body goal, and believe me… so far this journey has been hard, but good! I’m starting to see some results 😉 I’m saving the details for another post I talked about some blogposts back.

Today I went training, and I totally gave it all! I went with my friend Amanda, and we went on two group trainings, Shape & Core Bar. We’re both wrecked now! Can’t wait for tomorrow when I feel stiff and sore after a hard workout…

There’s been a lot at school after the vacation, there has already been two tests this first week, and the third one is tomorrow. Science is actually fun. I’ve learnt to like it, and my grades are going up… That’s really good considering that it’s a final subject at my school this year!


I’m so looking forward to summer! I’m going to LA in just three months and some days… I feel the excitement and fear coming! There’s so much I’m gonna do while I’m there! I’ve paid the for the school already, and I got my plane tickets booked last week!

Well that’s all I have to share for today… So what are your summer plans?