My name is Sindre and I’m from Norway. I’m a 17 year old who studies Music at my local High School. I’m a hard working, corky and nice person who’s nothing like anybody else. I’m a dreamer and a believer of them as well. My dream is to become an actor, and move to Los Angeles, California. That’s my biggest dream for now.

I’ve been a book blogger for more than two years (November 2010), and I’ve over the years blogged on another blog called SecretPrivilege . . . On that blog I mainly based on books, and I as well added some personal stuff, but It stayed basically on book reviews, and book related themes.

VitreousLife was born January 19th, 2013. This blog is my attempt on a fresh view on my blogging adventure. This blog is meant to be my personal blog where I’ll keep on doing some book related stuff, and as well write about my life . . . This is basically my diary with a lot of bonus stuff 😀

I sincerely hope you all like this blog, and come back from time to time. Tell me in the comment section if there is anything missing, or anything you’d like me to write about or do for that matter. 😀

Best Wishes,

~Sindre E

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