Teaser Sunday – The Emerald Atlas


This is the first Teaser Sunday on this blog. I’m not sure yet on whether or not I’ll be keeping it on this blog, but besides the point. I thought that I should try out at least one Sunday in the honor of the past. 

This week I thought that I’d take a short break from reading A Game Of Thrones (A Song Of Ice And Fire #1), because the book itself is a really heavy read and I felt like reading something easier. I just started this book and it’s the first book in The Book Of Beginning series. This book is called The Emerald Atlas.


” Just then they heard the howl of a wolf. Others took up the cry. But the howls were far off, and the cart was even then pulling up to the house – the same house, Kate was sure, that she had seen in her dream”

(Chapter 2, p’ 35)



That was the last enthralling and suspensive sentence I read. I’m really liking this book so far, and I’m spending a great deal of time; this sunday on reading this book!

Have a great one, and enjoy your Sunday to its fullest!

 ~ Sindre


9 thoughts on “Teaser Sunday – The Emerald Atlas

  1. Denne står på leselisten min. Vi fikk akkurat bok to til biblioteket (Ildkrøniken på norsk) og jeg tenkte at nå må jeg skynde meg å få lest bok en 🙂 Barna er veldig fornøyd etter å ha lest dem, så jeg tror det skal bli populære bøker! 🙂
    Ønsker deg en fin søndag!

    • Tusen takk 😀 Det er fantasy for det fulle og det liker jeg, men for å være helt erlig så er den litt rart skrevet, men jeg like det 😀

      Ønsker deg også en fin Søndag!

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