Exercise & Goals . . . Drinking Water 

Here’s the long planned and hopefully awaited post that I were supposed to write a long time ago. Here it is, and I truly hope you like it, and maybe want to share your own experiences  goals or achievements.


The picture above describes mostly what I’m working on. I know and believe that to get a better body, you’ll need a healthy body. No matter how much you work out, you won’t get the results you want if you don’t have the basic element to do so. As stated on the picture above; Drink a lot of water, work out, eat healthy and get lots of sleep (8-10 hours).


Water cleanses the system, our bodies is 70% water and water is also the source to get the body going. Did you know that when you drink cold water, you burn calories as the body reduces the cold water to body temperatureThere really isn’t much to say about water besides that it can be clever to drink about a gallon (3,7 L) of water every day. That do sound extreme, but that’s needed. The bad thing with water is that you’ll be going a lot to the toilet, because water just run straight through your body.

That’ll be part one of this Exercise & Goals post…. 😀 I’ll be posting about four more parts in the next four days to come, so stay tuned! 😀

~ Sindre


4 thoughts on “Exercise & Goals . . . Drinking Water 

  1. Liker denne posten:) Jeg er absolutt enig om vann og søvn er viktig. Jeg trenger også mye søvn pga jeg har migrene. Så sover jeg ikke nok går det rett i hodet på meg. Jeg drikker mye vann, men langt fra nok he he men jeg prøver å drikke mer.

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