Only Know You’ve Been High When You’re Feeling Low…

I’m drifting off . . . but not completely! There’s so much I want to do, but I really have kick myself to get to doing it. I suppose I’ll get better with the time to come. Anyways, I’ll get into todays big happening.


Have you ever experienced the feeling of feeling old feelings, if that made sense. Today I did. I went to a leisure center a local one, because a girl from my class were going to preform, and she asked me if I wanted to go and watch. I said yes, not clearly thinking that much of my past. I really wanted to and she was great! She’s talented as hell 😀

My past is pretty much me being bullied for several years and so on, just old memories. I’ve been struggling with anxiety and a bit of eating disorder (I’m well now…). When I got there I realized that this is where they hang, I’ve been avoiding this for a long time and when I saw them. I panicked… All previous feeling returned all at once and I … It flipped.


In these moments it’s good to have friends… I swear if it hadn’t been for her I’d probably faint 😀 ❤ It’s also in these moments that I get to reflect on how much I’ve changed since that, and how much stronger I’ve become. It’s also in these moment’s that quotes, and inspiring people makes the difference… One day… I tell you one day!


I still have my dreams and goals… Future will arrive and I’ll take everything God has planned ahead of me with patience. I suppose karma has all jack asses addresses and karma has hell ahead of them!

Okay complete subject change! Before I ramble all sort of positive and motivational pictures I needed this day…

I’ll ask you to tell me about you…. I’d like to know who my readers are… tell me about yourself… and share your dreams… I wanna hear your dreams! 😀 

~ Sindre



4 thoughts on “Only Know You’ve Been High When You’re Feeling Low…

  1. Poor you 😥 I’ll give you a BIG hug when I come home on Saturday. Well, if I see you then that is 😛 I hope it didn’t bring you down too much, since you know I have experienced some awful shit too D: But we all grow stronger, right?! I really miss you and you better hug me like your life depends on it when I see you! Because I’ve missed your hugs 😀

  2. Tøffing. Det er så fint å vite at man har endra seg, og at man er noe annet enn det haters tror du er (svak og sånt). Growing up – jeg synes det er overall ganske fint.

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