Dance, Sing & Live


I left last post really on edge, but do know that everything is fine now. I showed it to her and we’ve gotten really close again 😀

I’ve been busy since easter with school, it takes a lot of time to fully focus on school, blogging, training and as well live a life. I’m starting to managing it pretty well. I’m getting there 😀 I called this post Dance, Sing & Live because that’s been my past one and a half week. The finishing exams for this year is coming and I’m having a dance and drama exam this Thursday and Friday. On Monday I have my vocal exam and it’s my first one so I’m super excited. 😀

Therefore it will be a little while before I blog again. I promise that I’ll finally take that training post on Tuesday or this weekend 😀

Have A Nice Weekend 😀

~Sindre E


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