Teaser Sunday – The Emerald Atlas


This is the first Teaser Sunday on this blog. I’m not sure yet on whether or not I’ll be keeping it on this blog, but besides the point. I thought that I should try out at least one Sunday in the honor of the past. 

This week I thought that I’d take a short break from reading A Game Of Thrones (A Song Of Ice And Fire #1), because the book itself is a really heavy read and I felt like reading something easier. I just started this book and it’s the first book in The Book Of Beginning series. This book is called The Emerald Atlas.


” Just then they heard the howl of a wolf. Others took up the cry. But the howls were far off, and the cart was even then pulling up to the house – the same house, Kate was sure, that she had seen in her dream”

(Chapter 2, p’ 35)



That was the last enthralling and suspensive sentence I read. I’m really liking this book so far, and I’m spending a great deal of time; this sunday on reading this book!

Have a great one, and enjoy your Sunday to its fullest!

 ~ Sindre

Exercise & Goals . . . Drinking Water 

Here’s the long planned and hopefully awaited post that I were supposed to write a long time ago. Here it is, and I truly hope you like it, and maybe want to share your own experiences  goals or achievements.


The picture above describes mostly what I’m working on. I know and believe that to get a better body, you’ll need a healthy body. No matter how much you work out, you won’t get the results you want if you don’t have the basic element to do so. As stated on the picture above; Drink a lot of water, work out, eat healthy and get lots of sleep (8-10 hours).


Water cleanses the system, our bodies is 70% water and water is also the source to get the body going. Did you know that when you drink cold water, you burn calories as the body reduces the cold water to body temperatureThere really isn’t much to say about water besides that it can be clever to drink about a gallon (3,7 L) of water every day. That do sound extreme, but that’s needed. The bad thing with water is that you’ll be going a lot to the toilet, because water just run straight through your body.

That’ll be part one of this Exercise & Goals post…. 😀 I’ll be posting about four more parts in the next four days to come, so stay tuned! 😀

~ Sindre

Only Know You’ve Been High When You’re Feeling Low…

I’m drifting off . . . but not completely! There’s so much I want to do, but I really have kick myself to get to doing it. I suppose I’ll get better with the time to come. Anyways, I’ll get into todays big happening.


Have you ever experienced the feeling of feeling old feelings, if that made sense. Today I did. I went to a leisure center a local one, because a girl from my class were going to preform, and she asked me if I wanted to go and watch. I said yes, not clearly thinking that much of my past. I really wanted to and she was great! She’s talented as hell 😀

My past is pretty much me being bullied for several years and so on, just old memories. I’ve been struggling with anxiety and a bit of eating disorder (I’m well now…). When I got there I realized that this is where they hang, I’ve been avoiding this for a long time and when I saw them. I panicked… All previous feeling returned all at once and I … It flipped.


In these moments it’s good to have friends… I swear if it hadn’t been for her I’d probably faint 😀 ❤ It’s also in these moments that I get to reflect on how much I’ve changed since that, and how much stronger I’ve become. It’s also in these moment’s that quotes, and inspiring people makes the difference… One day… I tell you one day!


I still have my dreams and goals… Future will arrive and I’ll take everything God has planned ahead of me with patience. I suppose karma has all jack asses addresses and karma has hell ahead of them!

Okay complete subject change! Before I ramble all sort of positive and motivational pictures I needed this day…

I’ll ask you to tell me about you…. I’d like to know who my readers are… tell me about yourself… and share your dreams… I wanna hear your dreams! 😀 

~ Sindre


Weekend Everyone

Finally weekend once again. After a busy week with mid terms and studying science I’m a bit exhausted and ready for the weekend of fun and relaxing. Today I’ve had a really big day with relaxing. First at school there weren’t any real dance class, just a summit of the mid term. The same with the drama class. The only busy thing for this day was Science… We had a test on DNA and molecules. The test wasn’t as impossible as I’d imagined it to be.


Today the new original Netflix series was released! (all 13 episodes of season 1) I’m planning on having a maraton this weekend and watch all 13 episode and then review it to my readers. So far I’ve seen 3 episodes and I’m loving it a lot. I especially love Bill Skarsgård, he’s actually the reason I discovered this series. There is also a lot of before seen actors on this show (Famke Janssen from x-men is one of them!). Exited about how this series will develop from what’s been so far.

I’m going to have to postpone the work out goal post until Sunday, because it’s a post that will crave a lot of work. Today I’m just going to relax and I think I deserve to do so, then tomorrow I’m going to a birthday party so there’ll be no leftover time, because I have to buy gifts for this two sweet girls. 😀 Then on friday I’ll give my all to make that post happen, and then I’ll throw in the movie review on The Perks Of being a wallflower, and then just take a post for many reviews within the movies. Just short specific reviews.


Have a Good Weekend, See Ya On Sunday 😀

~ Sindre

“Making My Entrance Again With My Usual Flair”

The title says it all! It’s actually an excerpt from the song Send In The Clowns” from the musical A Little Night Music. The song is written by Stephen Sondheim and was actually the song I preformed on my singing mid-term. 


I’ve been gone for a little while, but sometimes I suppose school has to come first in line. The future lays after all in the hands of the education. 😀 Okay, over to how it went. The dance and drama mid-term went a lot better than I first thought. When I got out after doing my solo and the drama teachers face was like.


Okay! Please send in next one!

It was exactly at that moment I thought . . . Okay! I’m going to hell and I’m failing! I actually got a B (5) on my solo and the same grade on my group work… I just went jumping like a crazy person!


Then on Monday I had my first singing mid-term and let’s just say that I got really disappointed 😦 I was a bit unhappy with the song I had to sing, but felt like it was going great and that I might do good on this mid-term. I went in and sang and I really looked like a ghost. I was really pale, and I felt it went well because … when I left the teacher smiled really huge smile and I thought to myself. Well, probably this went really well… 😀 Then when I got back in after a long time waiting I got my grade and I was like…


I got D+ (3+). I was really disappointed in myself . . . I thought I was better than that. Well well. Next time I tell you… Next time 😀

Change Of Subject… Besides school I’ve been working out (work out post coming hopefully tomorrow) and there have been friends and just normal stuff to get rid of all stress. I’m having a science test on Friday so I have been working on that as well 😀

Well Well… See ya later Ali . . . wait for it . . . gator!

Hugs from me!
~ Sindre

Dance, Sing & Live


I left last post really on edge, but do know that everything is fine now. I showed it to her and we’ve gotten really close again 😀

I’ve been busy since easter with school, it takes a lot of time to fully focus on school, blogging, training and as well live a life. I’m starting to managing it pretty well. I’m getting there 😀 I called this post Dance, Sing & Live because that’s been my past one and a half week. The finishing exams for this year is coming and I’m having a dance and drama exam this Thursday and Friday. On Monday I have my vocal exam and it’s my first one so I’m super excited. 😀

Therefore it will be a little while before I blog again. I promise that I’ll finally take that training post on Tuesday or this weekend 😀

Have A Nice Weekend 😀

~Sindre E

The Bond of Attachment


We attatch ourselves to people to grow, to be better and to feel like you somehow belong. Truly the bond of attachment is a dangerous thing . . . When the person regarding the other half is gone or change you feel it deep down. There occurs cracks in your heart, and the lost pieces disappear in sorrow. We could always grow from our mistakes and experiences, but in this case the ribbon can’t be fully healed. It’s reality that you can’t rip a ribbon into two pieces and then patch them together as it once was. The ribbon would still have rips reminding you of the cracks . . . It’s pretty much the same about attaching to people.

I’ve written about a conflict earlier on this blog that regards this somehow. Yes, the ribbon got torn into two seperate pieces that got patched together when we made up. Still you can see the rifts from where the ribbon was torn in the first place. Sadly in my case I have attached to this person somehow. I can feel the changes . . . the leftovers from the time when the ribbon was torn. I believe she has cracks of her own, leftovers and pain that she struggles with. That pains me to see, I can see her cracks even though I can’t understand what started them. She’s a strong person who really needs to find herself again, I feel like she’s working her ass off trying to figure herself out. I understand the fact that people change with time, but also when you’ve been beaten down you need to pick all your pieces up and patch them back as good as possible. Never give up . . . I feel like at some points she’s given up. She’s the sort of person who often infects others with her mood without herself knowing it. Some people can see through that facade where she’s hiding her inner feelings. That’s where I see, because I know things not everybody else does.

I’m attached, and I’m kinda sad that I let myself go through this. Since I’ve been through similar situation in my past I’m easily affected.  I really care for her and love her as a friend. I really don’t want this for her . . . I really don’t . . . and that’s probably why I worry too much.

I have to admit things are better then before the conflict, but still I feel the rifts in the ribbon. I hoped things would heal well enough in time, but I’m not so sure anymore. I actually feel exchanged somehow, I feel like a leftover I suppose. I’ve honestly never been this attached to someone before, and that’s probably why it hurts even more. When reading this I don’t want you to worry because I still manages to get my mind off things, but I still feel the other half of the ribbon though. The half that I really want to keep from shredding even more.


When listening to songs from Demi Lovato and especially her latest “Heart Attack” you realize what she meant while writing the lyrics. They truly stand for what they are.

“You make me glow, but I cover up
Won’t let it show, so I’m
Puttin’ my defences up
‘Cause I don’t wanna fall in love
If I ever did that
I think I’d have a heart attack

“The feelings got lost in my lungs
They’re burning, I’d rather be numb
And there’s no one else to blame
So scared I take off and I run
I’m flying too close to the sun
And I burst into flames

Those lyrics truly expresses the feelings sounding attachment when it turns wrong. I might be thinking way too black and depressive, but they are true. To enlighten this post I’ll write a quote from “The Perks Of Being A Wallflower” which pretty much is a life lesson that I truly think I’ll tattoo soon!


I hope I didn’t make you sad reading this, I’m okay… Just going through a though time dealing with everything from self-esteem to life in general 😀


~ Sindre E