Writings From the Mountains

Greetings Readers,

Well It’s been a while, and yes there has been no internet up in the mountains, not even mobile “3G”. Instead I’ve been stuck with a slow mobile net called “E” whatever that means. 🙂 

I’ve been having a great easter so far, and I’ve read almost two books. That’s amazing considering the times I’ve read this year. I suppose it’s a good thing that I’ve been up in the mountains stuck with no internet connection. I’ve also started a new series that I adore . . . I swear all you Sex & The City fans . . .


The Carrie Diaries, yes! It’s such a great series. I downloaded all the eleven episodes that has been released and got hooked at once. It’s such a cute series, and Carrie . . . Just awesome. I was a little suspicious at first, but it quickly faded. All the characters is great . . . my favorite besides Carrie is Walter . . . I love that character. I truly recommend this series for all there is!  

I’m still up here in the mountains and writing this using my iphone “E” net . . . I really have to figure out what that “E” means when I get back home. 😀 I’ve been out skiing, and been on the board to Sweden and bought food, haha. I realize that I’m not a big fan of snow or winter in general, but it’s always good to spend time with family and going out on ski. 

I also have gotten to reading two books as I said before. I’ve tried reading my first Crime Novel in the act of easter. I read Jo Nesbø’s Flaggermusmannen (The Bat), and I’m pleasantly surprised of how much I loved that book . . . It’s a four star read and yet I’ve heard that the first book in Harry Hole is far from the best so I’ve gotten addicted to this series as well :D. The other book I’ve gotten around to reading is a book I’ve wanted to read for quite a while. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky is a really good book so far I’m almost halfway through it already 🙂 

This is just a short update for the readers that hopefully still sticks with me and my lousy writing. . . I’ve been really bad at this “Shame On Me” :D. I most likely will write about my trip to Stamsund, Lofoten with my theater group, and hopefully share some pictures. I hopefully will write about my workout goals, and last but not least try to write more regularly so that I don’t summon everything in one confusing post like this!

Best Wishes,
 ~ Sindre E 



5 thoughts on “Writings From the Mountains

  1. Heldige deg:) Jeg elsker fjellet, skulle ønske jeg kunne hvert på fjellet nå selv om jeg ikke er noe ski menneske:) Har sett filmen The Perks Of Being A Wallflower men har ikke lest boka. Har veldig lyst:)

    • Aww, 😀

      Tusen takk Elin! Jeg gleder meg til å se filmen når jeg kommer ned av fjellet 😀 Gleder meg noe sykt! 😀 Jeg skal få lest og komentert tilbake når jeg kommer hjem 😀 Jeg har lest noe i går kveld 😀 Du må nu ha en strålende Påske videre selv! ❤

  2. Hello, Sindre! I loved your comment on my blog, and I am so happy we share interests! I love TV, as well, and will probably end up doing some special edition show review 🙂 Btw, “ReBox It” means that you shouldn’t buy it, and if you really want to see it, pick it up from your local RedBox vendor. I hope you enjoy my blog, and I look forward to reading your blog, and hopefully receiving more comments in the future. For now, Happy Easter and Happy Blogging! ❤

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