One Fine Day Of Relaxation

Waking up today was painful. Mostly because of yesterday’s exercise which was totally good, but the aching afterwards did not feel as promising. Also my gums hurt because I’ve used my plates again after a long time of not using them. My tooth had moved a bit forward since I used my braces. It’s two years since I got rid of them, and my tooth is not supposed to move. I lied to my orthodontist and told him that my tooth just popped back after taking them off, and it totally did in the beginning of using plates. So I have until February 5th to get my tooth back in place, now it is back though. 🙂

Besides that I woke up at 5pm… I got to have a really nice “morning” where I got to just relax and have nothing on my schedule for once. When I have these days I easily become restless, but it’s a good thing because I get chores done. Like today for instance I got to clean my room. It feels really good to have a clean room. It feels so much more comforting to sleep in here.

ImageSince I missed spending time with my friends from my previous school I felt like inviting Hanna over for a movie night with fruit salad and smoothies. I feel so healthy when I exchange candy with fruits and other healthy stuffs, haha :D. We made a much more healthy type of a fruit salad. I can share the recipe with you later if you’d like? We changed out the unhealthy whipped cream with natural yoghurt (tastes like sour cream) which I personally thinks gives a better taste than the sweet cream. I’ll write a blog post later on why I make those types of choices, 😀 I can’t wait to tell!

ImageHanna and I decided to watch an animated movie so we swiped through a couple of weird ones before we found Hotel Transylvania which really was such a hilarious movie! I totally recommend it.

ImageI have to share one of the funniest scenes in this move that made me laugh intensely! “Do you want a bagel with scream cheese?!” HAHA LMFAO!

This is how I’ve spent my day!… How did you spend your day? Tell me in the comment section 🙂 ~ Sindre


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