“Hard Weekend…”

“I learned the value of working hard by working hard.”
~Margaret Mead

This quote describes my lesson for this weekend. I have been working with “Fem Umulige Minutter” (Five Impossible Minutes) which has been so hard but fun. 


The reason that I chose this quote is because it describes what I’ve done. I see the results from me spending hours drilling the script and writing a character biography on five pages. It makes everything easier because that way you know your character, and when you know your lines it’s just to drown in your character. Become who you’re supposed to be.

I play a character named Jan Kåre Dale who’s quite the enthusiast. He’s such a control freak, and because of that he get’s into a great deal of trouble when his theater group (that he started with his ex-girlfriend Nina). They are both the leader type who often jump each-others throats. There is a great deal of drama between all of the characters when Jan Kåre’s uncle gives them a great deal. The deal is to make a conference element that lasts only five minutes, and they’ll get 5 500$ (30 000kr). When Nina figures out that his uncle works for Statoil she brings more trouble, and the whole group starts arguing.

It’s the biggest thing except the Christmas Carol show I was a part of that I’ve worked with. It’s been taking all the energy and time of my weeks, and the besides that it’s challenging it’s been fantastically fun. 🙂 I’m very proud that I’ve almost learnt all my 150+ lines, I’ve never had that much lines to learn. I’m so excited for the Premiere in March.

I’ll keep you updated on how this is going, and maybe share some photographs 😉

Hope your weekend have been awesome as well! Whether or not tell me about it! ❤

~Sindre E


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