One Fine Day Of Relaxation

Waking up today was painful. Mostly because of yesterday’s exercise which was totally good, but the aching afterwards did not feel as promising. Also my gums hurt because I’ve used my plates again after a long time of not using them. My tooth had moved a bit forward since I used my braces. It’s two years since I got rid of them, and my tooth is not supposed to move. I lied to my orthodontist and told him that my tooth just popped back after taking them off, and it totally did in the beginning of using plates. So I have until February 5th to get my tooth back in place, now it is back though. 🙂

Besides that I woke up at 5pm… I got to have a really nice “morning” where I got to just relax and have nothing on my schedule for once. When I have these days I easily become restless, but it’s a good thing because I get chores done. Like today for instance I got to clean my room. It feels really good to have a clean room. It feels so much more comforting to sleep in here.

ImageSince I missed spending time with my friends from my previous school I felt like inviting Hanna over for a movie night with fruit salad and smoothies. I feel so healthy when I exchange candy with fruits and other healthy stuffs, haha :D. We made a much more healthy type of a fruit salad. I can share the recipe with you later if you’d like? We changed out the unhealthy whipped cream with natural yoghurt (tastes like sour cream) which I personally thinks gives a better taste than the sweet cream. I’ll write a blog post later on why I make those types of choices, 😀 I can’t wait to tell!

ImageHanna and I decided to watch an animated movie so we swiped through a couple of weird ones before we found Hotel Transylvania which really was such a hilarious movie! I totally recommend it.

ImageI have to share one of the funniest scenes in this move that made me laugh intensely! “Do you want a bagel with scream cheese?!” HAHA LMFAO!

This is how I’ve spent my day!… How did you spend your day? Tell me in the comment section 🙂 ~ Sindre

“Going To La-La-Land!”

My previous readers on my previous blog know that I gave up my high school year in New York. That is because I didn’t get my classes approved so I could go, and come back to my current course which is music for you people who don’t know me that well from before. For those who want’s to read my previous blog, just go to SecretPrivilege… 

I’ve had a few months where I have been sad, because it’s always been my dream to go out of Norway my second year of college. When I realized it wasn’t going to happen I felt really sad. Why didn’t you just go… and do general studies when I return? You might ask. Well it’s because it’s also been part of my dream to get into Music at my school here in Norway, and I totally did… and I truly don’t want to drop out! That’s when my dream showed up at my door. 🙂



I got a brochure from EF where they had Language Studies in the summer. It was then I realized how stupid I’d been for a while! I realized that I could go all summer so that it doesn’t inflict with school at all. So I applied right away, and guess what?… I got a phone call yesterday saying that I got in! I’m going to La-La Land! 



I’m so excited, and are looking forward to two whole months in Los Angeles! 😀 It came unexpected to me, and I really think that it was no coincident that I got that brochure in the mail…

Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

“Hard Weekend…”


“I learned the value of working hard by working hard.”
~Margaret Mead

This quote describes my lesson for this weekend. I have been working with “Fem Umulige Minutter” (Five Impossible Minutes) which has been so hard but fun. 


The reason that I chose this quote is because it describes what I’ve done. I see the results from me spending hours drilling the script and writing a character biography on five pages. It makes everything easier because that way you know your character, and when you know your lines it’s just to drown in your character. Become who you’re supposed to be.

I play a character named Jan Kåre Dale who’s quite the enthusiast. He’s such a control freak, and because of that he get’s into a great deal of trouble when his theater group (that he started with his ex-girlfriend Nina). They are both the leader type who often jump each-others throats. There is a great deal of drama between all of the characters when Jan Kåre’s uncle gives them a great deal. The deal is to make a conference element that lasts only five minutes, and they’ll get 5 500$ (30 000kr). When Nina figures out that his uncle works for Statoil she brings more trouble, and the whole group starts arguing.

It’s the biggest thing except the Christmas Carol show I was a part of that I’ve worked with. It’s been taking all the energy and time of my weeks, and the besides that it’s challenging it’s been fantastically fun. 🙂 I’m very proud that I’ve almost learnt all my 150+ lines, I’ve never had that much lines to learn. I’m so excited for the Premiere in March.

I’ll keep you updated on how this is going, and maybe share some photographs 😉

Hope your weekend have been awesome as well! Whether or not tell me about it! ❤

~Sindre E

Les Misérables


Terning #5

One of world’s biggest musicals have been adapted into a movie, that I personally would recommend everyone seeing. Because It’s such a beautiful experience you don’t often find in cinemas.

Let’s start off with the actors… They all we’re beautifully portrayed, and I’m still amazed about Anne Hathaway‘s performance in this movie. She sang so beautiful and I have no clue how she manage what she manages. I’m also surprised that Hugh Jackman could sing as well. When I think of him, I think muscles and Wolverine. I loved the romance between Amanda Seyfried and Eddie Reymayne. Though I think that Cosette was a little bit of a boring character in the movie. I really liked Éponine that was portrayed by Samantha Barks. She was such a devastatingly beautiful character that you first hate, but then learn to love! I was a bit disappointed of the performance of Russel Crowe, because he didn’t sing that well.

The whole musical to movie thing is really amazing because you can capture so much more into the screen than what you can on a scene. Every moment caught me, and made me fascinated, but just to have it said… This is a very long movie (3 hours), and I do get that is a really long time, but it’s worth it. I would probably say that this movie is for specially interested people.

The movie itself had a beautiful storyline that intrigued me, and kept me longing for more. This movie is really miserable I tried to fight the tears, but it was impossible. It had many scenes that was way too moving. The storyline characters Jean Valjean, Cosette, Marcus, Fantine and so on… were really believable. 

I can’t say much more then that you really really shouldn’t miss this movie at all!


Hello Peeps!


Hello Peeps!

I got a bit bored by the old blog, and I needed something new… because I grew so much from the last blog. I loved my old blog, but I think it’s time to do something brand new for myself. So Sindre 3.0, here I am!
I started out the blog, well actually a book blog “SecretPages…” that was the first time I actually got noticed from my blogging. I got to know some fellow bloggers called Elin Siv, they both are extremely beautiful and nice people. ❤ Hope you too will follow me in this new and way more personal blog.


I figured after a while that I should’ve blogged more about my life so I just changed my blog name to “SecretPrivilege…” which was where I at last got more and more lazy with the blogging.
Now I’m recharged and grown up even more. I’m ready to start over fresh. Completely new, and I’d like to hear from you what you’d like to read from me. 🙂tumblr_mevmz9YogX1rznga4o1_500_large

What I have in mind so far on my Sindre 3.0 blog is to base to my life, which means that there will be reviews from now and then. Updates on my life, and my work, and so on!

Let me know if you’re as excited as I am? What do you think of the new blog title?

~ Sindre E